Allison Kunerth, Swim Coach

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Allison has always loved swimming and grew up doing age group swimming through middle school, then joined club swimming during college. Fun fact, Allison used to swim with Coach Zach in age group swimming as a kid, and even carpooled to practice!

She became a member of various masters swim teams as she moved across the country, and took a few years off to train on her own. Upon moving to San Francisco though, she wanted to get back into the swimming community for both fitness and fun, and started coaching with Tsunami.

Her previous coaching experience comes from teaching children aged 6 months to 8 years how to swim, and her experience leading Soldiers in her military career has no doubt helped as well. While on deck her focus is to help swimmers have fun in the pool and promote teamwork with their lane buddies. When not coaching she tries to jump in and get some swimming in herself, and currently works at the San Francisco VA Medical Center.

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