Camille Gulick, Swim Coach

Swimming was Camille’s first sport as she started lessons at age five and soon joined a competitive team. As she moved through school, Camille participated in several other sports, but swimming developed into her passion and others sports fell by the wayside. She was a captain of the school swim team, started working as a lifeguard and began teaching lessons.

Camille continued leading swim lessons through college and began training regularly again when she joined a triathlon club in San Francisco. Open water swimming became a big focus for her, as she started to take on longer-distance events including the Trans-Tahoe Relay, Alcatraz swims, and a Bridge-to-Bridge swim.

As part of the triathlon club, she is a captain for a beginner training program and dedicates a lot of her time to helping other members overcome common fears of open water swimming and refining their technique.

Personally, Camille felt she needed more structure in her workouts and more time in the pool so she joined Tsunami on the recommendation of a friend. This has lead to renewed speed and endurance, as well as an exciting return to swim meets for the first time in several years.

Since becoming certified as a US Masters coach, Camille has been coaching with Odyssey Open Water Swimming, Golden Gate Triathlon Club, and is now incredibly excited to join the awesome roster of Tsunami coaches!

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