August 2017 Annual Membership Meeting

On Friday, August 25, 2017, the San Francisco Tsunami Board of Directors presented a recap of the prior year’s activities to the general membership. The slide deck that was presented and discussed is linked to below. Additionally, an income statement from 2011 through 2018 is also linked to below (2011 to 2016 are actuals, 2017

June 12, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

As of 5/31, the team’s budget remains in good shape. Revenue from membership dues has come in right on budget so far this year. Expenses have come in under budget. Despite tracking the budget closely, the team is still on track to record a loss in 2017, as planned.  The membership meeting has been scheduled!

May 8, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

Our budget is tracking on or a little ahead of budget.  Revenue is slightly behind, but this is due to cross month posting. Expenses are also coming in slightly under budget. Our application for the Folsom Street Beer Booth has been submitted.  Fundraising is also looking into hosting a JOCK at The Lookout. Dues Assistance

April 10, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

As the first Quarter of the year closes, we are on track with our budget. We have hired two new coaches:  Welcome to Camille Gulick (Wednesday mornings) and Brian Voight (Thursday evenings)! The Team Membership Meeting will be held on in June (post-IGLA).  Date and time will be announced once the location is confirmed. There

March 13, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

There will be a Team Membership Meeting this spring – stay tuned for more information. The Board considered a senior discount for team members age 65 and older.  The Finance Committee will look at the long term impact on the budget and make a recommendation for the 2018 budget. The Membership Committee is looking at

February 13, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

Coach Paul will take over Head Coach duties while Laura is off bonding with her new baby. We are looking to hire 1 to 2 new coaches to cover ongoing practices and “deepen” our bench. IGLA Financial Assistance applications will be released in the coming weeks. Guidelines for the team’s email list and Facebook page

January 9, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

The Board will focus on increased transparency by highlighting notes from board meetings, sharing roles and email addresses, moving the team meeting earlier in the year (first quarter), and developing a system for team members to submit questions to the board. We voted to reduce the drop in fee for swimmers to $15 with plans

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