Briana McCarthy, Synchro Coach

Briana, middle child to the core, began synchro at the age of eight, desperate to be like her older sister who was into the sport.  Soon, all three McCarthy sisters were dedicated members of Los Angeles Synchro, not only killing it in competitions, but performing at star-studded events in the backyard pools of Rod Stewart,

Danielle Rossoni, Synchro Coach

When Danielle was young, she went straight from gymnastics practice to swim practice. With no time to change, she would do laps with her leotard on. Then she noticed that other team practicing on the other side of the pool. Danielle joined the Potomac Valley Pearls at nine. Once she conquered her fear of opening

Suzanne Baker, Synchro Head Coach

Suzanne started doing synchronized swimming at the age of six. She spent most of her childhood hanging upside down in vertical, and killing off brain cells by testing the limits of breath holding. With her team, the Cincinnati Synchrogators, Suzanne attended a bazillion competitions, all of which happened before the Internet started tracking accomplishments. She

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