Danielle Rossoni, Synchro Coach

When Danielle was young, she went straight from gymnastics practice to swim practice. With no time to change, she would do laps with her leotard on. Then she noticed that other team practicing on the other side of the pool.

Danielle joined the Potomac Valley Pearls at nine. Once she conquered her fear of opening her eyes underwater, she fell in love with performing. The Pearls always had a lot of fun and as the only competitive team in Maryland, traveled all over for meets. Danielle stuck with them until she graduated from high school, thinking she had retired from synchro.

She crossed the country to the brand new (to her, anyway) land of California. Danielle’s first year at Stanford she took a beginning synchro class because she couldn’t stay away. When Stanford hosted Collegiate Nationals and she saw her old teammates competing, she decided to walk on to the Stanford team for her sophomore year. What followed were the most synchro intense two years of her life. Danielle competed figures and was one of the best cheerleaders for her teammates. For her senior year, she opted to explore other non-athletic aspects of Stanford.

Danielle returned home after graduating to share her tough workouts with her old team. The swimmers loved her but figure drills not so much. Before too long, she found an excuse to come back to California. After several synchro-less months, she joins Tsunami Synchro to coach the first years.

Other hobbies include working part-time as an administrative assistant at TiNi Aerospace, finishing up a certificate program in community health, job hunting, swimming, reading comic books, and flying back and forth across the country.

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