How to Purchase a Trial USA Synchro Membership

Please don’t purchase this membership before Nov 14. The membership only lasts 30 days. If you buy it on or after Nov 14, it will be valid for all five of the beginner clinic classes.

  1. Go to the USA Synchro Account Page and click Request Account.
  2. Fill in your personal information (you can leave all optional fields blank).
    Use these values in the Personal Information section:

    • Role in Family: Participant
    • Customer Type: San Francisco Tsunami Synchro
    • Geographic Area: West Zone
  3. Once you have an account, go back to the main account page and log in. You should now be on the Account Options page.
  4. Click on Purchase or Renew Memberships.
  5. Click on Trial Athlete Membership.
  6. Leave the default setting of 1 period (a single 30-day period) and make sure the expiration date is Dec 14 or later (so that you will have a valid trial membership for all 5 classes).
  7. Add the membership to your cart and select yourself as the participant.
  8. On the Membership Detail page, choose these options:
    • Zone Affiliation: West
    • Association: Pacific Northwest
    • Club affiliation: Tsunami Synchro
  9. Review your order and then Proceed to Checkout.
  10. Acknowledge the waiver and complete payment.
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