January 9, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

  • The Board will focus on increased transparency by highlighting notes from board meetings, sharing roles and email addresses, moving the team meeting earlier in the year (first quarter), and developing a system for team members to submit questions to the board.
  • We voted to reduce the drop in fee for swimmers to $15 with plans to explore additional options for IGLA and other Masters team visitors.
  • We emphasized the need to bring the team to a balanced budget without instituting austerity measures. ¬†We voted on a 1 month budget while the Treasurer developed different scenario budgets that would bring us to a balanced budget in either 2017 or 2018.
    • It is important to note that our 2016 budget deficit was mostly due to a planned spend down of our high reserves and we are financially stable at this time.
  • We are working to improve the look of our team emails and ensure an updated website (stay tuned!)
  • Focus Meets: ¬†Upcoming Focus Meets are the Olympic Club Mile (1/28) and USF Valentine’s Affair (2/4)


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