Lane Etiquette

Swimming is among those sports where “rules” are pretty easy to pick up. Here are some basics:

    • When entering, make sure the lane is clear of any other swimmers. If there are swimmers approaching the wall as you are preparing to enter, wait until they have turned and started the next lap.
    • Make sure to allow at least 5 seconds before following the swimmer ahead of you.
    • We always swim in a counter clockwise circle pattern.
    • Always swim complete laps of the pool and avoid stopping in the middle of the lane, as this can interfere with the progress of other swimmers and cause collisions.
    • Stop only at the wall and once stopped, stay in the corner of the lane, preferably in the left hand corner.
    • Provide adequate distance between you and the swimmer ahead of you.
    • If you are approaching the wall and another lap swimmer is gaining on you and swimming at a faster rate than you are, pause at the wall to allow the faster swimmer(s) to pass you.
    • If you need to pass in your lane, move up to the swimmer and tap his/her foot.
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