March 13, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

  • There will be a Team Membership Meeting this spring – stay tuned for more information.
  • The Board considered a senior discount for team members age 65 and older.  The Finance Committee will look at the long term impact on the budget and make a recommendation for the 2018 budget.
  • The Membership Committee is looking at creating an Exit Survey to better understand why members leave the team.
  • The Government Liaison is working with the City of San Francisco on certification requirements for coaches.
  • The Board, in agreement with suggestions from the Coaches, set up the following guidelines for practice if a coach is not on deck at the start of warm-up:
    • If another coach or board member is present, swimmers can get in and begin warm-up.
    • The coach or board member must remain on deck through the entire workout.
    • If the coach or board member needs to leave before the regularly scheduled end of practice, then practice ends at that time.
  • The Board is looking at sign-in numbers for all practices from MindBody (another reason why it is important to sign in for practice!).  Here are the numbers from February: AttendanceAnalysisReport February 2017
  • We are hiring new coaches!  Official announcements to follow!

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