MindBody Requirements

Tsunami uses the MindBody platform to process payments, monitor attendance, and schedule workouts and coaches.

Swimmers are required to sign in for each workout they attend. This allows the team to ensure that everyone in the water has paid for their swim and has registered with USMS. Additionally, this allows the team to gauge demand for workouts and can help inform the Board’s decision making.

There are three ways to check in for a workout, in order of preference:

  1. Using the MindBody mobile app on your phone. This must be done before the scheduled start of a workout. Once a workout has started, you will no longer be able to check in on your phone.
  2. Using the sign-in iPad on the pool deck. Select the workout you’re attending, search for your name, and sign in. Unlike the mobile app, you can check in for a workout even after the scheduled start time. We currently only have a sign in iPad at Hamilton pool.
  3. The coach on deck can sign you in (and will sign you in if you forget). Though the coaches have the ability to sign you in, please use one of the first two methods if possible. We like our coaches to be able to focus on what they do best- coaching.

To register with MindBody, follow the instructions here: sftsunami.org/sign-up-for-swim/

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