Prospective Member – Not Masters Level

The right fit

While the level of experience and skill among our swimmers varies, it is important to remember that Tsunami is a Masters-level swim club, and it is most appropriate for experienced swimmers. We do not offer classes. All swimmers are expected to know the four strokes. Members also are expected to be able to swim 200 yards consecutively.

Recommended steps

  • Please read through FAQ’s. This information resource will provide you with the necessary background: what you can expect during our workouts
  • Attend one of our practices as an observer and connect with a coach on-deck before you decide if Tsunami is right for you.
  • Improve your swimming skills and increase your stamina through adult level swim classes offered by many organizations throughout Bay Area
  • Come back and join us when you’re ready!

Please note that Tsunami is an adult club, so it is not appropriate for children or young adults under 21.

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