Suzanne Baker, Synchro Head Coach

Suzanne started doing synchronized swimming at the age of six. She spent most of her childhood hanging upside down in vertical, and killing off brain cells by testing the limits of breath holding.

With her team, the Cincinnati Synchrogators, Suzanne attended a bazillion competitions, all of which happened before the Internet started tracking accomplishments. She placed 3rd in duet and team at Age Group Nationals, won solo and duet at Junior Olympics, and 7th in team at US Nationals. Suzanne retired from synchro at 18, and was quoted saying, “I will never exercise again!”

Ten years later, Suzanne was recruited to¬†coach Tsunami Synchro when the club first started in 2004, and she’s never left. She has led the team to gold medal performances at several IGLA (International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics) competitions and the first synchronized swimming competition to be part of the Gay Games.

When not on deck coaching the country’s only co-ed synchronized swimming team, Suzanne works at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs in their Medical Imaging group. She does whatever it takes to make the MRI and PET pictures look pretty, whether that be Physics or Photoshop.

She also spends her time hunting fast-moving abalone (but only April-Nov, excluding July), getting into trouble with her golden retriever (threatened to be sued at least 3 times), lending her power-of-persuasion to Planned Parenthood phone banking, swimming, knitting and sleeping.

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