Tsunami Team Suits: the 2016 Edition

The new Tsunami team suit designs are finally here and they are awesome! Order your own directly on-line: https://hxcsport.com/sf-tsunami-2016 through May 2nd. Please note that you will need to provide payment information to complete your order.

There are two cool options, Tsunami Blue & Tsunami White, stylistically almost identical (think ‘home’ and ‘away’ team for football & baseball teams) available in all men’s and women’s styles. Each suit can be customized with your name during the order process for an extra $5. Swim caps are also available. Suits will be manufactured in SoCal and arrive about a month after the cut-off date.

Jon Stan Hjartberg, whom you might have met during fittings, will have the ‘fit kit’ up until the cut-off date (May 2nd), so if you forgot your size or you missed one of so many of our fittings, please contact him directly to setup a fitting. Please text him at 415.706.9149. Men’s and women’s sizes go from 24 to 44.

These are gonna be sharp-looking suits! So make sure to place your order by May 2nd.


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