Tsunami Team Suits: the 2016 Edition

We are in the process of cooking up awesome Tsunami team suits! While we don’t yet have the 2016 design finalized, we know you’ll love them. We’re setting up ‘sizing / fittings’ at various practices over the next couple of weeks:

Day Time Location
Tuesday, March 29 7:15 pm Hamilton Pool
Wednesday, March 30 6:45 am Mission Pool
Thursday, March 31 6:45 am Hamilton Pool
Saturday, April 2 8:00 am Hamilton Pool
Saturday, April 2 9:00 am Hamilton Pool
Tuesday, April 5 6:45 am Hamilton Pool
Thursday, April 7 7:15 pm Hamilton Pool
Saturday, April 9 8:30 am King Pool
Monday,  April 11  6:30 pm Mission Pool
Tuesday, April 12 6:45 am Hamilton Pool
 Wednesday, April 13 6:45 am Mission Pool

You want to make sure your suit fits: Jon Hjartberg has a complete sizing kit with every size and style of men’s and women’s suits that he will bring to the practices above.

On sizing days, please arrive a few minutes early so that you can try on a suit while you’re dry. We’ll mark your size in a spreadsheet and we’ll let you know when it’s time to order — after you see the cool design!

Hard Core Sport suits are manufactured in California! and we think they’ve cracked the code: their swim suits are gorgeous, last forever and, because the durable fabric has some give – they are comfortable. And, most important, they fit true-to-size! Hard Core Sports can even customize each suit with your name, for just a few bucks extra.

For men, we recommend going with the ‘Euro’ polo suit. It’s fully-lined (like the current Tsunami suits) and has a slightly briefer cut. The ‘Swim’ version is front-lined only and offers a slightly fuller cut (the side seams are about half an inch taller).

For women, there are many more options. The only caution is that the (super cool) Polo suits have a zipper in back and in a meet this might raise FINA eyebrows. So if you plan to compete in official meets, make sure you double check this with the meet organizers. Technically, according to the FINA rules no zippers or other fastening system is allowed.

Hard Core Sport website, if you’d like additional information about company and their product: https://hxcsport.com


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