Update to Dues for 2017

Dear Membership,

During the September 2016 Annual Membership Meeting, the board announced that membership dues were very likely to increase for 2017. The board has now finalized and voted on the dues structure for 2017. Starting January 1, 2017, Tsunami membership will be $60 per month and the quarterly and semi-annual plans are being eliminated. The one-time drop in fee is now $20 will remain at $15 (The board voted on 1/9/17 to reinstate the $15 drop-in fee).

It’s important to note that while the new rate takes effect January 1st, if you have an existing quarterly or semi-annual plan, it will be honored through its end date. Upon expiration of that plan, your membership will automatically roll over to the new monthly plan.

Some of the reasons for and benefits of this shift are outlined below:

  • Tsunami’s current financial position necessitated a dues increase. The financial loss (due to a planned spend-down of the reserve as well as a significant drop in membership in 2016) experienced in 2016 was so large that it cannot be repeated. Combined with an effort to increase membership and cut expenses, this dues increase will help bring Tsunami closer to a break-even annual budget.
  • The quarterly and semi-annual plans were created at a time when membership dues were still processed by check and taken to the bank for deposit. The administrative relief offered by the plans was tangible. Unfortunately the opposite is now true.
  • MindBody is a platform that is optimized for a monthly membership structure. It has been particularly challenging to administer three and six month contracts in the system. Moving to a monthly only dues structure will allow Tsunami to take full advantage of MindBody’s efficiencies.
  • For years the board has heard complaints that the old dues structure was regressive- it rewarded those who could afford to pay a larger amount of money up-front and punished members who were unable to. This change levels the field.
  • Tsunami at $60 per month still represents a very good value relative to other masters swimming options in the area. Burlingame Aquatics is $75/month and USF Masters is $80/month.

We feel the new dues structure is equitable, simple and transparent. We encourage you to reach out to the board with any questions or concerns you may have. We appreciate your understanding and continued membership during this time of transition to the new dues structure.

The 2016 Board of Directors
Tsunami Swim and Synchro

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