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Visitors are welcome! If you are a Masters-level swimmer coming to San Francisco or a Masters-level swimmer who can’t maintain regular training schedule, a drop-in pass is the way to go! Drop-in fee is $20 per swim.

What you need to complete:

Scan or photograph your US Masters Swimming (USMS) membership information (or equivalent).  If you are not a USMS member, consider joining (registration club code is TSUN) or please download, complete, then scan or photograph temporary waiver (US nationals) or temporary waiver (foreign nationals).  Please note that your USMS membership or waiver information should be clearly visible and be legible. Send scanned USMS membership or waiver to at least 48 hours in advance of your first planned swim. Also please note that temporary USMS waiver is valid for a total of 30 consecutive days per year after which time you are expected to join USMS on a permanent basis.


First, you will set up your billing account with MINDBODY.

1) Using your computer, go to CREATE NEW ACCOUNT link, click on the NEW TO THIS SITE? and and enter your first and last name.

2) Create a new account. If you have any difficulty, please send an email to our Billing Manager, Katie McCall at and let her know.

3) Add your contact info.

4) Review and agree to the terms of the liability waiver.

5) Click on the ONLINE STORE tab, and a pop-up window will ask for your current credit card info.

6) Click on “services”.

7) Select what service you desire.

8) Agree to Terms and click MAKE PURCHASE.

9) SELECT the CC (KEY/STORED) Payment Method to complete the transaction.  Click CHECKOUT to complete the purchase.


Next, you will download the MINDBODY app in order to check in at practices.

1) Please download the MINDBODY app to your smartphone. (Do not download MindBody Express.) Then follow these steps:

2) Open MINDBODY app.

3) Sign up with the MINDBODY app using the email address you used to register with Tsunami.

4) After you create your account, you should receive a welcome email. Follow the instructions in the email to link your MINDBODY phone app to your Tsunami billing account. 

Uncertain? You can follow our video step-by-step instructions

What you need to bring to your practices:

  • Your ID
  • USMS membership card (equivalent or waiver)
  • Swim suit
  • Goggles and cap (if your hair is long)

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